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Turmeric and Rosemary Lamb Hot Pot

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Turmeric and Rosemary Lamb Hot Pot


Lamb is a lean meat, sometimes leaner than beef so if you love the taste of lamb, you’ll love this recipe! When I’m having a bad Crohn’s day, I enjoy foods which are soft to eat. Foods which I can break up easily with my fork yet are delicious, filling and satisfying. In the past, I would get into a vicious circle of not eating anything to avoid being in pain, which in turn would make me feel even more fatigued. This slow-cooked meal gave me the energy I needed to work out, filled me up nicely and didn’t cause any pain. What more could you ask for! I hope you enjoy it.

1 serving contains

Kcal 549

Protein 26.9g

Carbohydrates 25.4g

Fat 35.6g

Fibre 3.5g

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