How I can Help you

The Mindful Gut Healing Method


Phase one


  • Collect vital information
  • Identify problem areas
  • Set goals and intentions
  • Establish and eliminate trigger foods
  • Design a bespoke supplement protocol
  • Begin building solid nutritional foundations
  • Practices to calm the mind and body
  • Identify patterns

Phase two

Build & Nourish

  • Reintroduce foods
  • Monitor and adjust nutrition
  • Focus on gut healing methods
  • Mind-body discovery and connection

Phase three

Prevention & Sustainability

  • Discover how to tune into your body's signals using the foundational tools we've cultivated during the program's building phase
  • Gain insight into how to adjust your diet to accommodate your symptoms, expediting your gut's healing process. This entails learning about optimal food choices and meal timings to support your recovery journey.
  • Learn how to implement long term, sustainable protocols
  • Practices to maintain accountability

What to expect


  • Clients reported a significant reduction in gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, gas, and discomfort, constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Increased awareness of the mind-gut connection, leading to better understanding and management of stress related digestive issues through higher accountability, weekly check-ins and daily habit builders.
  • Increased energy levels, hair & Skin condition, improved vision and reduced brain fog.
  • Enhanced emotional well being, including reduced anxiety and improved mood, as a result of practising mindfulness techniques by having a structured nutrition plan which is amended on a LIVE basis to support trigger foods and symptoms.
  • Increased adherence to dietary recommendations and lifestyle modifications, demonstrating a commitment to long term gut health maintenance, overall health and wellness through accountability systems.
  • Enhanced self awareness and self regulation skills, empowering clients to recognise and address unhealthy habits or patterns that negatively impact their gut health.
  • Expanded education on nutrition, psychology, health and wellbeing to take forward into day to day life, having a positive impact on the people around you.
  • Hitting physical and psychological goals, which you will establish together with your coach - building purpose and fulfilment.
  • Greater sense of empowerment and control over gut health, leading to improved quality of life and confidence in managing digestive issues.

Say Goodbye to Mealtime Stress

What's Involved

  • Tailored and bespoke meal plan
  • Weekly check-ins to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to your plan.
  • New and updated recipes
  • Bespoke supplement protocol
  • Access to the exclusive KLK Nutrition APP and communication centre
  • Daily guidance, help and support
  • Practices to help reduce stress and anxiety, keeping symptoms at bay
  • Mindset tools and resources, meditation sessions, yoga sequences and affirmations
  • Bespoke exercise regime (optional)
  • Access to the exclusive community page
  • Accountability

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